Eczema, Psoriasis & Covid

Eczema, Psoriasis & Covid

Why is eczema, psoriasis & skin issues are so rampant especially during Covid 19 lock down and after the countries lifted the curfew? Well, just to name a few here:

  • People and children are not getting fresh air and exercises outdoor due to the tightened rules of minimal association with the public.
  • Psychological FEAR of catching the virus and impending ‘lockup & medical treatments’ placed tremendous stress on families and communities.
  • Workers had to take pay cuts, unpaid leaves, some face unemployment during those businesses lockdown & many closed. Thus, families with low income resort to living on canned foods, eat less nutritional value meals & some are not eating much to save costs.

Then what happened after Covid lockdown? Well, everything broke loose – people were so hungry for fast food & celebrated with much abandonment – soft drinks, liquors, carbs & desserts. So many gained weight. Then everyone had to be inoculated against Covid virus & many suffered from its side effects. Skin allergies & other health issues occurred as their bodies can’t handle those drugs. Medical bills went up & the cost of living follows. This vicious cycle of stress builds up. All these affected our health.

Among our 78 organs, 5 are vital for our survival. These are the heart, brain, kidneys, liver & lungs. But we have over 30 trillion cells that are performing so many functions. If some organs went wrong, become infected, our complex human body will send signals. Lucky for you when the largest organ of our body, our skin, tells you this: “Hey, we need help as we lack some nutrients inside to do our work!” But are there solutions? YES! Do read our Categories & Case Studies of Conditions below & we hope you will find your Solutions. Happy shopping! Please click below our Recommended Products & Testimonies.

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