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Never before did I realise that there are so many kinds of allergies that the largest organ of our body, our skin, has to face with if our environment outside of us or within us is out of balance!

For a few years I was living with Eczema which were all over my chest and legs. I was then in my 40’s & it was a terrible time of my life.  I can’t focus on my job due to my condition. So  I know exactly how people suffering from eczema or any kind of allergies are facing daily. I can’t imagine young children having eczema.  If the adults can’t find a solution to their problem, then the child will grow up with less self esteem, loneliness and they will withdraw from the public more and more.  This is so sad & painful for their parents and themselves.

I had been to that famous skin center, visited expensive dermatology clinics and TCMs trying different modalities hopefully to stop those red angry patches of lumps!  Nothing works. This is the cycle of itch that I had to stomach every day:

  1. First, the itchy spots creeped out
  2. then the persistent scratches
  3.  the applications of steroid cream or anything that I can find to slap on those angry spots
  4.  then the appearance of healing/drying up
  5. but then the spots return!

I also suffered with little sleep as it was punctuated with frequent itchiness in the nights :(.  Hydrocortison, a steroid, only gave me temporary relief like 30 mins or less & the itch started again. Do you know that if one applies too much and for long periods of such steriods, you may face the following side effects:

* Thinning of the skin, may be painful

* Permanent bruising discolouration or spidery blood vessels

* May worsen other skin disorders

* Skin colour may change

* May irritate the skin being treated & make the inflammation worse.


Thus I don’t want to use any more steroids and I begun my research, swallowed plenty of nutritional pills, did trials & tossed-out bottles of cream that didn’t work!  Finally after 10 years I found the miracle elixir of life… a very special grade of ALOE VERA which is grown, harvested & hand produced to perfection for my consumption.  All aloin have been removed very carefully as this substance is naturally occuring in the plant near the rind.  It protects the inner leaf from any bacteria, flies or insects from entering the leaves thus preserving the leaves’ potent natural nutrients at its best. Our Bettalife Aloe Vera Drinking Gel is a SUPERFOOD as it provides overall health benefits, like supporting the immune system & aiding the digestive system. It also provides a source of antioxidants and healthy levels of vitamins A, C, D, E, B, B-1, B-2, B12, and folic acid which in total have their own unique benefits. The gel contains minerals such as calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc, which are useful to support one’s overall health. It also has 20 amino acids that is great for our SKIN, aid in building muscle tissue, and 7 key enzymes that assist us to break down food and boost nutrient absorption.

We were very excited that this grade of Aloe Vera has helped several of our customers, now they have become our friends, to improve their external issues like eczema, sinusitis, psoriasis, hives, keloids and even their internal problems like acid reflux, gastric, ulcers, diabetes & high blood problems.  For some ladies, they finally conceive babies as we show them how to gently detox and have a change of diet to nurture their bodies to do what they are created to do – make a baby!

We were so blessed to have found this unique grade of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller & mind you, there are over 500 species of Aloe Vera plant in the world.  So which aloe plant will be most suitable for you?  You don’t have to spend 19 years to find out as we just did it.

For some of our customers, their before and after results are so miraculous.  You must read about Mr. Chua Gim Hock’s story in our website,  His 26 years of psorasis/eczema turned around in just 3 months.  He also lost some weight. In the below picture it showed not only how well his leg had improved due to a reduction in water retention, the size of his leg is lesser than the inflammed leg.  See how youthful he looked even in his 50’s:

So don’t wait any longer if you have someone you love or know of someone who is suffering from eczema or other skin or health issues, that you share this good news by sending them a link to our website or just leave my number for their contacts.

Money spend wisely on good quality products are worth every cent and anyway, you have spent a lot more in the past to try other ways to get your loved ones improve his condition.  The sooner you take action, the earlier and quicker their recovery and it will leave them with minimal or no scars.  Your search can end here.  I be most happy to answer any questions if you WhatsApp me at 90265691 or leave a message.

You deserve a BEAUTIFUL SKIN! Do have a Safe and Happy week always…

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