Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Infertility

Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Infertility

Let’s deal with this topic one at a time. Our heart pumps oxygenated blood & essential substances & circulates hormones to different parts of our body. It also receives oxygen-poor blood & pumps them to the lungs for oxygenation, transporting waste products from the body and maintains blood pressure. That is a lot of work to do for our heart but some of us brought in more challenges. Due to unhealthy lifestyle choices like consuming high sugary diet long term, it will lead to diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Thus, facing heart diseases like heart attack, valve disease, heart failure, stroke, heart rhythm disorders & so forth, may be his inevitable companions.

How then we know if our heart is ticking well – have your blood pressure tests regularly, check your pulse, do x-rays if you feel something is amiss or even go for stress tests. There are some non-medical ways to control high blood pressure eg. lose extra weight & watch your waistline, exercise regularly, eat a healthy less sodium diet, limit alcohol, have a good night’s sleep, reduce stress, play soothing music, monitor your blood pressure at home & get regular checkups.

But can heart diseases affect reproductive system? Yes, if a woman has a weak heart she will face pregnancy issues, as her heart may not be able to cope with increase cardiac output to meet the demands of pregnancy. Though ovulation problems are the most common reasons for infertility in women, a woman’s age, hormonal imbalances, weight, exposure to chemicals or radiation & cigarette smoking all have an impact on fertility. Thus, we must make the right choices in life or else we must live with the consequences and in fear. However, when you look through the below Categories & Case Studies of Conditions, you may like some of the Solutions within. Enjoy your choices! Please click below our Recommended Products & Testimonies.

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