Men-o-pause. Hot Flushes. Moody. Ageing Symptoms. You Can PAUSE That

Ha2, you can ask me how I overcome that MENOPAUSE cos it was a condition that hit me some 40 years ago! I am that 1% of women who went into premature menopause before 40! Yes, I was young in my early 30’s but earlier I was blessed with a beautiful daughter…

Gosh to be informed that ovaries are shrinking are terrible news for someone who is longing for another baby.  I was desperate and I know how that feeling was.  My body was transiting into 50’s like lighting! Thus to prevent fast ageing, since my ovaries are producing less of estrogen & progesterone, I was put on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) by my good doctor. This went on for 10 years! Until the last drug gave me the shudder when I lifted heavy objects, my heart muscles pulled & it was painful. Once I stopped taking them the pain went away! Though there are some benefits taking HRT drugs, there are some unfortunate stories of ladies having breast cancer & other sad problems…

Thus in my 40s, I was bent on searching & trying natural nutritional products for another 10 years  – anything that can make me feel better as a woman.  Without these hormones, your periods become more erratic and eventually stop. This is the good news – saying goodbye to that pad!

By the way, if you are:

√  missing more than 3-5 periods in a row √  trouble sleeping

√  weight gain √  hot flashes

√  vaginal dryness √  night sweats

√  mood swings √  changes in sex drive

√  trouble concentrating √  fast heart rate

√  urinary problems √  hair loss


You are going into menopause, but so what?!  It is a beautiful transformation into being a liberated woman!  Men, you’re not spared too but you too can enjoy youthfulness at 70s!

Well 19 years on that special Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, Aloe Boosters, Aloe Vera with Honey, had removed all those symptoms several years ago!!  Many said I don’t look my age so thank God for taking good care of me plus giving us this God-sent Aloe Vera miracle drinks.


So what is in the Aloe Vera that gave men & women such good health?

Aloe Vera contains over 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.  It has 20 out of the 22 amino acids that the body needs.  It is an amazing plant that heal men, according to Christopher Columbus who discover its wonderful qualities to heal and 2 Egyptian Queens, Nefertiti & Cleopatra are known to rely on the aloe vera to maintain their youthful complexions, by drinking & bathing in the aloes.  We have aloe vera natural, aloe with honey & aloe boosters & they work hard to enhance my health & skin. They will do so for you too!

Its Vitamins B12 is important for the nervous system & it nourishes the blood.  Its iron aids the blood and is important during the menstrual cycle – thus ladies with menstrual pain every month, will benefit tremendously by drinking twice a day of 50ml with 200ml cool water.  The Vitamins  A & C in the aloes help the immune system. Vitamin A helps to counteract the harmful effect of the toxic environment on the mucous membranes. No wonder my years of sinusitis clear in one month – that is very fast!!

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids protects Vitamins A, E & the B-complex vitamins from oxidation.  It is essential for the formation of the adrenal & thyroid hormones & helps the body deal with depression.  Its Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption, bone & cell growth & immune system function. Vitamin D acts on our bones, intestines, kidneys & parathyroid glands to keep calcium in balance throughout our body.  Vitamin D receptors are also located within our cardiovascular system, lungs, pancreas, skeletal muscle, skin & reproductive organs.  Thus this explains why I have not seen a doctor for all these years except for sprains and health checks every few years! 

And my 85 yrs old mom in 2003 was cleared of her stroke, after finishing the whole bottle of aloe in 7 hours! 

The aloe vera also contains magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, B-complex vitamins, silicon, sodium, zinc and all essential minerals. Too many to list here.


How do I achieve that youthful looks, healthy glow and alertness plus thinking fast?

I tend to laugh at myself, not taking things too seriously, has contributed to my good skin and overall great health.  In addition, I love mushrooms, vegetables of all colours and being out in the sun from time to time have helped in giving me a clean bill of health. I don’t like fried foods :(.  But best of all are my daily intake of aloe vera drinks:

First thing in the morning I take 100ml of aloe vera drinks.  Aloe booster is taken as my communion in the morning, then I bring a bottle of plain water, added with 100ml of aloe as well.  At end of the day, after I brushed my teeth, I twirled 50ml of aloe vera juice around my mouth to ensure my gums stay healthy, gargled to clear any sore throat and lastly I swallowed it into my tummy to detox!

Thus you can see how simple it was to clear those men-o-pause symptoms over some months!  Give yourself this aloe vera treats and you will be on your way to have greater liberation of your womanhood.  Same to you guys!!


Well I am 70 years young now so in case you wonder how I look, you are welcome to drop by my shop and see me in real life! 🙂 

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