Sinus, Asthma, Allergies

Sinus, Asthma, Allergies

We are living in a very challenging period – gladly the world is going GREEN but it will take a while for us to slow down the damages men have done to this planet. Pollution from fires, rivers with toxic spillages from factories & waters for consumption in certain areas are unsafe. Economies are not doing well as the world are still coming out from the devastating lockdown. The weather is getting very warm, ice is melting, rivers are drying up, hurricanes and floods are rampant and earthquakes & landslides are affecting most developed & malnourished countries. Food is getting scarce. Sinus, asthma, allergies, heart issues & cancers are modern diseases, a result of progress in technology, inventions, food manipulations, climate changes & pollution! Many people are living on fast and cheap foods, living unhealthy lifestyles. We pressure our children & ourselves endlessly to meet our stressful situations.

About time we learn to breath fresh air in the morning, enjoy exercises surrounded by trees, drink clean water, have a healthy diet & walk bare foot on the earth as we soak up its energy and learn to unlearn the pressures of life. Slow down, learn to meditate, laugh at ourselves, find a passion, hobby, a religion, do some volunteer services, join some recreational groups, then our allergies will gradually clear out. Or else, our children, adults & young seniors will be plagued with sinus, asthma, breathing problems and skin allergies of all kinds because their present predicament is due to past lifestyle. Wake up & stop your memories of problems whether it be family, money, relationship issues etc. Many are faced with an epidemic of health problems, worried what will their future be. But the future is not happening yet so why the fuss! Live in the present, bask in happiness of what you have TODAY as you are living NOW. The past is over, learn from it, change it & move on. There are solutions to calm your body & be healthy again – Health is Wealth or else we will lose everything if health is gone! There is so much the earth can offer… take plant foods as they are natural, never synthetic. They heal. So search here for your Solutions under Categories & Case Studies of Conditions & you will find your answers below. Please click below our Recommended Products & Testimonies.

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