Why Bettalife’s Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Is So Effective For Allergies, Psoriasis & Eczema!

Eczema Starter Pack

What makes our Aloe Veras so unique is because ours are grown under special environment which pamper these high grade aloe vera plants to harness those amazing 200 over nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids & polysaccharides. These nutrients benefit mankind in countless ways when consume daily or apply them to affected wounds. A miracle organic health drink for all ages.

A gift from Nature & Nurture!



1. Why such farming & how it can benefit mankind?

This controlled farming needs to be designed and engineered taking into account very precise details & elements such as location, the type of soil, temperature, method of farming these aloe vera crops, and specific kind of technological add- ons are required in order to produce the desired results.

From Day 1, at all costs – we have only 1 main focus: Grow the best aloe vera plant that will produce the highest quality aloe vera drinking gel for healing the world! This is the passion we have for over 19 years!

2. A way to increase production to feed the health-starved world

With so many hospitals being built, why there are still so many in ill-health? This intensive agriculture can provide an increase in crop production, thus our farmers are able to ensure there are sufficient aloe vera drinking gel juice of up to 99.92% concentrate, and not like other suppliers that mix their aloes with tap water or other liquids & sugars!

We ensure the level of 0.08% preservative is met & in accordance to SFA (Spore Food Authority) safety guidelines. In this way our drink is stabilized for a good period of time to fight spoilage & maintain a high level of product quality & efficacy.

3. Authentic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Juice

Though the cost of setting up these farmlands are exorbitant, not to mention the high operating expenses such as ongoing high expenses with electricity, water & trained professionals, our farmers want to have better control in creating the optimal climate conditions needed for healthy high grade plant growth.
This gel drink is considered to be the most medicinal gel containing over 200 vitamins, minerals, enzymes & plant compounds that are essential for cell growth & renewal. Several health benefits had and still are being recorded.

4. Increased control over pests, weeds and diseases

With an enclosed space the farmer can restrict to only the necessary personnel to attend to the aloe plants, thus less people going in and out means a lesser risk of bringing unwanted elements close to the crops. This means more control against other diseases.

5. Ability to grow year-round produce, even off-season

Even in the harsh winter or intense summer temperatures high quality aloe vera drinking gel plants can be grown, as our farmers ensure that they create the right climate for them. Thus we have more stability and security for our aloes production.

An Eczema Starter Pack

Eczema Starter Pack

6. Bettalife Singapore is the sole distributor of this High Quality Aloe Vera Drinks

We invested heavily to bring you only the Best Nature has for YOU. Come whatever bacteria or virus Covid-19 & its variants we are here for you to ensure your body’s immunity is boosted against these invaders. We care for your family.

Shop at www.bettalifestore.com, up your knowledge with our blogs, check out our monthly specials or visit the shop 04-13a orchardgateway, by appointment. We’re above Somerset MRT. If you have any questions, just Whatsapp 90265691 & I be happy to answer them.

See you soon! Helen

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