How I Defeated My Vaccination Fears

How I Defeated My Vaccination Fears

I was not afraid of that tiny invisible virus but when time comes to get the ‘mimic’ virus into my bloodstream & wait to see how my body react to that ‘invader’ – that makes me jittery.

Like any human I ‘Wait & Watch’ other people taking the Pfizer-BioMTech Vaccinations (V) & see if there are any terrible side effects.  Well, slowly it dawned on me that basically people are reporting the below symptoms after taking their Vs & I realized these can be overcome with our aloe veras! Just look at the side effects on the left & on the right side, are our highly recommended solutions:

Side Effects Reported

  • Pain/redness/swelling at the injection site
  • Fever, chills
  • Headache, muscle pain, joint pain
  • Tiredness
  • Lymph node swelling at the neck or arms

Bettalife Aloe Vera Solutions

  • Aloe Vera Drinks & aloe jelly to reduce inflammation
  • Aloe Vera with Honey to boost the immunity system
  • Aloe Drinks to soothe nerves, muscles & blood flow
  • Aloe Vera 20+ Booster will perk your energy any time
  • Any Aloe Vera drinks will help to reduce swellings

Most important of all is to hydrate yourself with water mixed with aloe drinks plus plenty of REST. In fact I went through the 1st & 2nd jab 3 wks later and had ZERO side effects.  Here is my formula:

  • The night before the V, I drank 100 ml of aloe vera drinks ie 2 little cups of 50ml each.
  • On the V morning, I drank 1 cup of aloe booster
  • At noon before my lunch, I drank 100 ml of aloe vera as my Pfyzer jab was at 1.30pm
  • After my V jab, while waiting 30 mins in an observation room, I sipped my bottle of aloe vera which I had packed earlier. I had mixed it with apple juice or any juices you like but never add any boiling water to aloe vera drinks as it will kill off its enzymes.

Everything went super smooth & the clinic that I had my jab done was very professionally organized.  I slept very well & I got up early in the morning with my brain in full gear! I grab my marker pen & jot down my thoughts on the flipchart paper. It got to be God-inspired as I have never got a chance to think about what LIFE is all about! What is living in the moment means.  I did a CIRCLE OF LIFE CHART which I will share with you in one of my next month blogs in our Bettalife website.

For 19 years, I never need to see any doctor for flu or fever because I fortify myself with quality Bettalife Aloe Vera Drinking Gel drinking 50-100ml, 3 times daily.  Seriously, that was why I keep on encouraging people to drink our grade of aloes and at least twice a day as we eat 2 to 3 meals plus snacks daily. We are living in a fallen world.  Pollution, GMO food products, varieties of fried food, colorings, chemicals, cosmetics & numerous pills and medications that we keep piling into our poor body.  Can our bodies handle such bombardment of ‘toxic’ plus having to defend against bacteria & viruses daily?

It is no wonder there are more hospitals being built as diseases mount, people under tremendous stress to progress & the population age.  The young ones are not spared as the world becomes so good in marketing & selling taste, looks, touch and smell. They may become obese or undernourished.  Enough said.  I will share what is good, how to flatten your tummy & get rid of those toxins in 30 – 60 days & how I maintain my weight below 70kg in my next few blogs, so do stay with me 🙂

Back to my experience with the V – I felt amazing very well as I do not have any of those side effects – none at all!  It was a beautiful day and every day I thank God that I have another day to enjoy and make a difference in people’s lives.

So do take more servings of Bettalife Aloe Vera Drinking Gel or Aloe Vera with Manuka Honey or Aloe 20+ Boosters before or after your V and have faith that nothing but good will come out of it. Also say a little prayer too.

You are now PROTECTED from that nasty virus and its mutants!