My dad had a stroke, a bad cough and had trouble breathing. After taking the booster he felt so much better. His overall condition improved and his cough stopped quickly.

Stella Tan

I suffered much pain on my right index finger which had recovered from a dislocation 10 years ago. However, last November the pain came back after I carried a heavy bag with my laptop. I could not use my finger in writing nor signing cheques for my staff. After taking Bettalife Shark Cartilage & Aloe Vera Drinking Gel for a few weeks my finger is now fully mobile and no more pain. It’s a great product.

Emily Lim

My 7 year old son was born with eczema, but it cleared in 3 days with Bettalife Aloe Vera Drink!

Amy Lim

My family have been consuming the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. My sons felt that their skin got better, smoother and acne has subsided. It also helps with my wife who suffers from mild constipation. I’m back to get more as it helps with the health issues in my family.

Tan Seow Wee

Due to my busy daily schedule, most days I have insufficient sleep. I would drink the Aloe 20+ Booster to give me the energy I need for the day. Apart from making me feel energized, it also helps to build up my immune system, and now I rarely fall sick. But when I do fall sick, it helps me recover even faster. I would recommend those with a busy schedule to take up some of these supplements to maintain their lifestyles.

Teo Kheng Hwa