Aloe Vera with Marine Collagen, 500ml


Aloe Vera with Marine Collagen, 500ml

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Our body produces collagen naturally but as we age, collagen production declines and our skin, tendons, ligaments, joint health, muscles, fat burning processes & other connective tissues start to degenerate, resulting in signs of ageing. This Collagen, Type 1, are mainly found in your skin and bones thus, to help improve skin elasticity, promote joint health, build muscle, burn fat, and more, we introduce our Aloe Vera Drinking Gel (95%) with Marine Collagen Peptides for your beauty and health protection. This delicious berry flavored marine collagen is an easy-to-digest nutritional supplement and is refreshing, balancing & renewing. Ideal for the glowing boost for your skin & improvement in your bone & joints health. Supplementing with our Aloe with Marine Collagen peptides may help treat exercise-induced joint wear and osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that can cause pain and disability. In addition one will see improvement in skin elasticity, skin texture, & the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles at a cellular level, whilst it also promote the growth of healthy luscious hair & strong nails, from the inside out


Additional information

Aloe Vera with Marine Collagen

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Water, Apple Concentrate, Aloe Vera Extract, Marine Collagen (fish), Cherry Concentrate, Food Acid (Citric), Natural Flavour, Thickener (Xandum Gum), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate)


Organically grown.  Bettalife’s Aloe Vera drink has been cold processed from the leaves of mature Aloe Vera Barbadensis plants. Our plants are grown in Australia, in pesticide-free conditions.  Our aloe drinks is scientifically stabilised for maximum shelf life, colour and taste. As it is a plant-based super food, it may vary in color and natural plant particles may settle.


Refrigerate after opening. Store in a cool place away out of direct sunlight.

Consume within 30 days after opening.

Not suitable for children under 15 years of age & pregnant women.


Drink 50ml per day as a shot.  Shake well before use.

50ml = 2.5 ml Marine Collagen.


As the most abundant protein in your body, collagen accounts for approximately 30% of your protein mass. It’s mostly found in connective tissues like skin, joints, bones, and teeth, and it provides structure, strength, and stability to your body. On the other hand, gelatin is a protein product created by partially degrading collagen using heat — for example by boiling or cooking animal skin or bones.

Research suggests that these Collagen proteins may improve joint health by accumulating in cartilage after ingestion, thus reducing pain. Both Collagen and gelatin have a few more health benefits in common, eg:

  • Antioxidant activity. Both collagen and gelatin possess antioxidant capacities and fight the negative effects that free radicals can have on aging and overall health.
  • Improved gut health. Collagen and gelatin may improve the gut’s lining. Damage to the gut lining can otherwise lead to leaky gut syndrome and other autoimmune conditions.
  • Improved bone health. It may increase bone mineral density & bone formation while reducing bone degradation
May help reduce signs of skin aging

Collagen may improve signs of skin aging, such as dryness, scaling, and a loss of elasticity that results from a reduction in your skin’s collagen content.  Studies show that the intake of collagen and collagen peptides may boost skin collagen production and provide anti-aging effects.

May boost muscle mass

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is an important component of skeletal muscle.  Studies suggest that collagen supplements help boost muscle mass in people with sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass that happens with age.

May improve joint health

As the amount of collagen in your body decreases with age, your risk of degenerative joint disorders such as osteoarthritis increases  Some studies suggest that collagen supplements may help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce overall joint pain. A review of studies in people with osteoarthritis found that taking collagen led to significant improvements in joint stiffness and overall osteoarthritis symptoms.

May promote heart health

Researchers have theorized that collagen supplements may help reduce the risk of heart conditions. Collagen provides structure to your arteries, the blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Without enough collagen, arteries may become less flexible and elastic.  This may lead to atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by the narrowing of your arteries. This condition may lead to heart attack and stroke.

How long does it take to see results?

Collagen turnover is a slow process. As such, no matter your goal for using collagen, it will take at least 8 weeks to experience noticeable results

Nutritional Information

ENERGY 113 kJ 227 kJ
PROTEIN 1.1 g 2.2 g
FAT, TOTAL 0 g 0 g
– SATURATED 0 g 0 g
CARBOHYDRATE 5.0 g 10.0 g
– SUGARS 4.7 g 9.4 g
SODIUM 8 mg 16 mg


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