Hydrotherapy Spa Unit

Hydrotherapy Spa Unit

Bettalife has a hydrotherapy spa treatment, with aroma therapy oils, optional, where customer rest in a warm long bath for about 15-20 minutes while enjoying a 30 minutes jogging experience in the tub! He/she often feels lighter, in happier mood and perspires after this treatment as every pore on their skin is being cleaned up and muscles are being activated through the supersonic spa bubbles, blowing upwards from their spa mat. Some customers advised that after that spa, their frozen shoulders for many months have been relieved and their shoulders have no more pain. This hydrotherapy spa is excellent for people who had stroke or for recovery after an accident to get blood circulation back again through their limbs, hands, fingers, toes or any part of their bodies. This enables their muscles and organs to be stimulated and blood flowing as it should through his system and hence health improvement & healing can be expedited. Do not spa immediate after surgery or an accident. Better to rest for a month or two to spa & if your doctor certified you had recovered



Bettalife weight management program works very effectively when one is determined to lose extra kilograms of his/her weight. This program will be revealed to the customer confidentially and necessary paperwork is prepared.
As this program is customised to each customer with specific requirements, no one person’s guidance is the same. That is why our Weight Loss Program works very well as the Coach helps to monitor his/her progress weekly until the body’s metabolism is working effectively.


  • Detox the liver, colon, small intestines & lymphatic system effectively
  • Lose weight rapidly & look younger
  • Stimulate the metabolism to burn calories
  • Improve health & skin conditions
  • Increase energy & alertness
  • Safe & natural transformation
  • No weight rebound
  • Very cost effective
  • Improve blood circulation via hydrotherapy spa
  • Guaranteed positive results via personalised diet & nutrition counselling
  • Excellent support system


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