For the benefit of some customers who may need our products for long term wellness, they can join us at a fee of S$90.00 to enjoy a 15% discount on all our quality products from Day 1. They are going to get a $100 worth of 4 e-vouchers for their one time payment of S$90. These e-vouchers will carry rebates of S$10, S$20 x2pcs & S$50. The customer will need to order a gross amount of S$165, S$285, S$285 & S$575 respectively. The validity of these e-vouchers will be 12 months from their date of purchase. In this way members enjoy up to 21% savings.

However if no purchases are made within one year of their membership, then they can renew membership at S$30.  The company POS system will activate their account to enjoy one more year with the 15% rebate. In fact, the system will take every last order date as the beginning of the year for our member.  Thus this membership is great value to have as Bettalife continues to share its joy to have more people improving their lives with organically grown aloes and related products. These privileged members also enjoy special promotions from time to time.


  • Savings of 15% – 21% for members
  • Enjoy monthly perpetual protection from inflammations, sickness and virus infections
  • Members can enjoy Free delivery of products when they order minimum 8 main nutritional products
  • For members’ convenience any small order of our products, the company will deliver with a fee of S$20 per trip
  • Loyalty programs & Referral incentives are being worked on to benefit our members even more. Stay tune!
  • Download Bettalife’s Aloe Vera e-booklet with the last 20 years research work from a Quick Link
  • Enjoy further discounts with the $10, $20×2 & $50 e-coupon vouchers totally $100 with minimum purchases based on the prevailing promotions.


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