Shark Cartilage, 500mg, 100 capsules

Shark Cartilage, 500mg, 100 capsules


Bettalife Shark Cartilage is a product of Australia. It is fully certified pharmaceutical grade product made out of 100% pure ocean cleansed shark cartilage powder & has been known to provide temporary relief of arthritic pain. A new organic cleaning process which produces powder of very high quality & with much less bacteria than other means of processing is being used in the production of our shark cartilage. The entire process has TGA license & GMP certification. The supplier uses only the ‘by-product’ of sharks. No sharks are targeted during their production. Considerable research have been carried out by renowned biochemists around the world, finding that shark cartilage can prolong or improve quality of life with certain medical conditions such as arthritis, gout, psoriasis and other ailments such as rashes and irritations. Studies have shown that 34% protein shark cartilage contributes to its anti-cancer property. This compound appears to inhibit the development of new blood vessels that tumours need, in order to grow, thus starving them. Reference book: Dr. William Lane “Shark Don’t Get Cancer”



  • 100% Pure natural shark cartilage powder
    Pharmaceutical grade.Nutritional facts:
    Protein, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium & Sodium


  • Our Shark Cartilage comes from the deep clean oceans of South Australia where no commercial ships ply down that part of the world. Thus there is no water, waste, oil or any kind of pollution and as such the sharks, which Australian fishermen catch them as fish for fish & chips, which are very popular Down Under.
  • There are no chemical processing, bleaches, fillers or preservatives in our shark cartilage. They are unadulterated & pure & thus health benefits are amazing. Consumers can see health benefits in a short period of time.
  • Persons who benefit most from taking Shark Cartilage are: Athletes, young or old; Gout & inflammation of joints; those adults with skin conditions & cancer prevention

Adults only. Take 1-3 capsules 3x a day

Warning: Children, pregnant or breastfeeding women & those who have a heart condition, a surgery or a major accident should not consume this product without medical advice.


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