Aloe Vera Spray, 125ml

Aloe Vera Spray, 125ml

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Only top quality hand-harvested Aloe Vera leaves are selected for our Aloe Vera Spray. Conditions such as abrasions, cuts & scratches, acne, psoriasis, eczema, boils, skin irritations, burns, chafed & cracked skin, dandruff & hair loss, keloids & wrinkles, denture sores, haemorrhoids, insect bites, rashes, sting, sunburn & x-ray burns, warts etc.



  • 98% Pure Aloe Vera Barbadensis
  • NB. No artificial colours, no alcohol & fragrance free, non-staining & non-toxic.
  • Suitable for all ages – humans & animals.,/li>


  • Contains antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, C, D & E & Minerals zinc, potassium & magnesium & thus renowned for its ability to heal & soothe the skin.
  • It has natural antiseptic & antibacterial properties to benefit overall skin health.
  • Being in a liquid form, it is great for relieving sun damaged skin, dry itchy skin, chafed and cracked skin and any irritations by spraying on your face & body.
  • It acts as a humectant, preventing water loss in the skin & hydrating it.
  • Suitable for all ages – humans & animals to bring relief.


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