Aloe Vera Massage Cream, 125ml

Aloe Vera Massage Cream, 125ml

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With 90% pure aloe vera contents, our Aloe Vera Massage Cream is suitable for all kinds of pain such as muscle pain, strains, rashes, hives, insect bites, inflammations and other irritations.  Apply only on unbroken skin. With Australian Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus oil & peppermint oil & Allantoin, this unique Aloe Vera Massage Cream is a formidable foe to pain & injuries. It helps to reduce menstrual cramp pain.  Apply every 2 or 3 hours as needed.  As for Body Massage & Spa Therapists: use 50gm is enough for a full body massage for 1 hour and leaves the client invigorated with no messy no oily residue.  Excellent for foot reflexology. This Cream is beneficial for allergies, sinus, pain, headache & breathing problems.  Massage chest area, temples & head.  It assists clear thinking.  One can rub hands together and breathe deeply with hands cupped over nose. It is also suitable to use as a hair treatment by massaging your scalp & hair.  Then leave it on for 20 minutes and later shampoo off. Simply shake well before use. Apply to affected areas & massage in to relieve any pain & discomfort caused by muscular sprains.  Reapply as needed!



  • 90% Pure Aloe vera Gel
  • Australian Tea Tree Oil
  • Eucalytus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Allantoin


  • With tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil & peppermint oils it may speed up cell regeneration when used topically.
  • Ease conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne & inflammations.
  • Non-greasy, fast absorption, very pleasant & calming ingredients that is ideal for massage therapeutic treatments.
  • Apply on chest area to help those with breathing difficulties or cough.
  • Great for those with aching muscles, painful joints, headaches & menstrual cramps.


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