Ketone sticks 50 strips

Ketone sticks 50 strips

These ketone sticks are used to detect ketones in urine. In our Bettalife diet program a person’s carbohydrate intake is moderated over a short period of time causing the body to use its backup energy source, the fat cell. When the fat cell breaks down, it releases ketones into the blood stream and later into the urine. These ketone traces can be monitored using this ketone sticks enabling our customer’s fat burning results to be tracked. These sticks provide a safety check that you are not burning fat too quickly. Thus this is very safe. ips Test yourself once daily in the morning when you first wake up from 4th day onwards. If the ketone stick doesn’t change colour it means you’re not in Ketosis and therefore you are not doing the diet properly.



  • Sodium Nitroprusside
  • 7.1%W/W

Instructions To Use

You can start testing daily after 3 days on the Bettalife program. Urinate on the pad of the test strip. Wait 15 seconds for the test strip pad to change colour. Read the test results carefully in good light.
Compare the colour of the test strip pad to the colour chart on the side of the ketone stick container.

Reading the results:
Negative = Reduce carbohydrate intake or increase exercise.
Trace or Moderate = carbohydrate level is satisfactory and you are burning fat.
Large = Increase carbohydrates with a piece of fruit or slice of wholegrain bread or reduce exercise.


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